About ELP
About ELP

Considering a gifted and talented program for your  child?

The Salt Lake City School District offers the Extended Learning Program (ELP) for academically advanced students. Several full-day ELP options exist, including at Hawthorne Elementary School. Since 1977, ELP has offered unique educational opportunities for gifted and talented students, meeting their particular needs with appropriate curricula and instructional methods. Hawthorne ELP is supported by qualified teachers, an active parent organization, and a large number of parent volunteers. The program's goal is to promote a lifelong love of learning for intellectually gifted students and to give them the tools they need for effective problem solving, critical thinking, and communication.

Hawthorne ELP is founded on the generous participation of students’ families. Parents are encouraged to volunteer two hours per school week. Teachers and students greatly appreciate parent participation in the classroom, but options are available for parents to volunteer from home and/or after hours.

Parent contributions allow teachers to focus their attention on students, develop more extensive lesson plans, and provide more small group activities. Parents also help provide a variety of enrichment experiences, including field trips, hands-on science, literature, art appreciation and creation, geography, music, cultural history, and creative writing.

Our program is open to all residents of the Salt Lake City School District, though an assessment is required. You can start the process by visiting the Salt Lake City School District's ELP website.

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